Competitor Info


What: ½ Mile Side by Side Trap Speed Competition.
When: August 18 – 19, 2018. Gates open at 7AM. Mandatory drivers meeting at 8:00AM.
Where: Marion Municipal Airport, 5904 S Western Ave, Marion, IN 46953

NOTE – If you wish to compete for a trophy, you must register as a Trophy Competitor.


Vehicles will start from a stop and trap speed will be clocked at the 1/2 mile point on the runway. Drivers will receive speeds at the end of each run.

Saturday & Sunday’s formats are identical. Vehicles choosing not to run in the trophy and prize competition can run openly throughout each day, running side-by-side with another vehicle or solo for trap speed. Those registered for the trophy competition will run in a shootout style competition. Trophies will be awarded at the end of each day for each competition class. Vehicles registered for the trophy competition are also free to run openly, but must make passes during the formatted competition times to qualify for each stage.

Trap Speed Competition Classes:

  • AWD Unlimited – AWD Drivetrain
  • 2WD Unlimited – FWD or RWD Drivetrain
  • Naturally Aspirated – No forced induction or power adders (turbocharger, supercharger, nitrous, electric, etc.)
  • Sedan – Four doors required, wagons permitted
  • 6-Speed (Manual) – Must have manual transmission and clutch, no sequential transmissions
  • Motorcycle


Vehicles can register for the trophy competition or open runs. Registration type and class must be selected at the time of online registration.


All drivers registered in the trophy competition will be competing in a race shootout on the respective registered day(s).

  • Stage 1: Drivers may do as many passes as possible from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM.  At 1:00 PM the top four (4) qualifying vehicles in each class will be announced.
  • Stage 2: The top four (4) qualifying vehicles in each class may do as many passes as possible between 1:00 PM-3:00 PM. A minimum of one pass must be made between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to qualify for the next round.  At 3:00 PM the top two (2) qualifying vehicles will be announced.
  • Final: The top two (2) vehicles will report to grid at 4:00 PM for the final run. The final run of each day will determine 1st and 2nd place for each class. Both vehicles will line up and will go at the same time, with the fastest trap speed taking 1st place. There will be no reruns and fastest trap speed of this run will take 1st place and the other vehicle will take 2nd place for the respective day and class.
  • Both 1st and 2nd place drivers are required to be physically present at the trophy ceremony to collect their trophy once racing ends each day.
  • Trap speeds for each stage and the finals will only apply to that specific round. Trap speeds from previous stages or run outside of the time frame, will not count for later stages.
  • If a registered vehicle does not qualify for Round 2 or Final Round, it can still make open runs until racing ends each day, but will not qualify for a trophy.
  • Cars must register to compete online or on site before the first race of the day. (Competition entry must be selected at time of registration)
  • Trap speeds for the race shootout will only apply to that day. Trap speeds set in runs on Saturday will not count for Sunday’s race shootout.
  • Drivers may only enter one class at a time. A driver cannot register a vehicle in multiple classes per day.
  • Any competitor may request for race officials to inspect any competitor car to check the validity of the vehicle and the class entered at any time before trophies have been presented, whichever occurs first. Requests after this time will not be accommodated.
  • Drivers may change classes between Saturday and Sunday.  (For example, a Mitsubishi Evo can race in the Sedan class on Saturday and decide to race in AWD on Sunday as long as these changes are in place before the first race occurs on Sunday morning).

On Sunday, the format will be identical to that of Saturday; open runs all day, with a Trap Speed competition at the end of the day.

Classes will be identical to Saturday.


This event is open to the public, however, participants must register their spot during Competitor Registration, and spectators must purchase tickets online. The event is open to all types of cars and all horsepower levels. Each registered driver may bring 2 guests/crew free of charge. All others must purchase spectator tickets here on our website. (Spectators will have the same general access as drivers and guests/crew). We are only selling a limited number of spectator tickets per day in order to meet our capacity requirements. If you are not a registered driver, a guest/crew of a registered driver, or have secured a spectator ticket, YOU WILL NOT BE LET IN THE GATE.


  • Each Participant receives 2 free Crew Member General Admission Tickets
  • Crew Member Tickets are General Admission
  • Crew Member GA Tickets are good for the days which the Participant is registered (eg if participant is registered for Saturday, Crew tickets are only good for Saturday)
  • with your request before the event.
  • All participants will receive their Participant and Crew tickets digitally at the email you used during sign-up one week prior to the event



New for 2018, participants will be able to take advantage of the new pricing structure for Indy Airstrip Attack Competitor Registrations. 

Here’s how it works: The first 100 cars to register will get their registrations at a discounted rate. The first 25 cars will get their registration at a 50% discount (called Tier 1). The next 25 will get their registration at a 25% discount (called Tier 2). All remaining registrations out will be sold at full price. The discount schedule is noted below.

Additional Details

  • When a Tier sells out completely, the next Tier will open up automatically
  • Each competitor is only allowed to redeem a single discounted registration, additional registrations will be at full price
  • Discounted Registrations are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you do not complete your registration in the allotted time-frame (including payment), your spot in line will be released (just like a concert ticket)
  • Trophy-class registrations ($30 per day) are not discounted
  • Discounted Registrations are Non-transferable and Non-refundable
  • The Discounted Registration program ends when all Tiers are sold out or on May 1st, 2018, whichever comes first, at which time full registration pricing goes into effect

Pricing Schedule for 2018 IAA

Tier 1 – 25 Cars @ 50% off
Tier 2 – 25 Cars @ 30% off
Tier 3 – Remaining Registrations @ Full Price


Competitor Registration Opens Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 at 1:00 PM EST


August 18 & 19, 2018Driver registration for both days$450
August 18, 2018Driver registration for Saturday only$250
August 19, 2018Driver registration for Sunday only$250
Trophy Class Competitor$30 per day


*Each driver registration includes a free T-shirt

NOTE: General driver registrations will not be entered into Trophy competitions unless elected.

To be entered into a Trophy Competition for either day is an additional $30 per day and must be elected at time of registration. 


Standard Drivers:

  • It is mandatory to bring a helmet (Snell 2005+)
  • Each participant is required to completely fill out and sign a waiver/self tech form
  • All vehicles attempting to go over 180MPH are required to do 2 solo passes at 180MPH, observed by tech staff, to ensure safety and stability. Only after will they be approved to go 180+mph.
  • All vehicles that run over 190MPH require a mounted fire extinguisher, 4-point roll cage, and fire suit/jacket.
  • We recommend additional safety equipment FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS including but not limited to: Roll bar or full cage, fire suit and clothing/gloves, fire suppression system, hans or similar type of restraint for neck protection, arm restraints or window net
  • You are responsible for ensuring the safety and capabilities of your car at this event
  • All convertibles require roll over protection: either factory or an aftermarket roll bar


Clothing and Gear

  • Helmets must be full face, rated Snell M2005 or newer, with appropriate stickers. Shell, liner, and strap must be in sound condition. Shatterproof shields required with adequate visibility.
  • Full leather racing suits are required. Leather gloves must be worn with no rips, tears, or openings other than breathing holes. Leather motorcycle boots must be worn and must cover higher than the ankle.


  • Tires rated for top speed of motorcycle.
  • Brakes, both front and rear, must be fully functional and in proper working order.
  • Requirements over 180 MPH
  • Steering Stabilizer for speeds over 180mph (factory or aftermarket).
  • Engine Kill Switch: Lanyard-style kill switch that kills all power in the event of a rider falling off.
  • Breather Hoses: Crankcase breather hoses must run into a catch tank or into the air box.
  • Chains and Chain guard: Drive chains must have master link clip safety wired or silicone. Metal chain guard is required.

Trophy Competitors:

Vehicles must meet individual tech inspection to insure their safety for the competition. There are also qualifying requirements.



It is required that all cars aiming to trap over 180+ go through our own independent tech inspection in addition to filling out your self tech form. This will occur on grid either before your first run or before your second run.

To be licensed to go 180+mph, each driver must do two solo passes (one in each lane) between 170mph and 180 mph. This is to ensure that you can do a safe pass at that speed as observed by our staff. Once we see you have accomplished two safe passes, we will issue you a wristband licensing you to go over 180+mph.

Qualifying for a license on Saturday will be good for both days of the event.
Licenses issued in our records to drivers at any previous Shift-S3ctor events will carry over. You do not need to go through licensing again if you already did at the last event, your car will still need to pass tech inspection. At our discretion, we may issue provisional licenses for certain individuals we have seen at past events accomplish these requirements already.

If you exceed 180MPH with a car that has not been through our tech inspection and/or you are not licensed to go over 180MPH, you will be restricted to sub 180MPH. If you continue to go beyond that, you will be removed from the event without refund.


  • Cars exceeding 190 still must meet the 180+ licensing and tech requirements set forth above.
  • Additionally, cars exceeding 190 MPH require a mounted fire extinguisher, 4-point roll cage, and fire suit/jacket.
  • Again, we highly suggest additional safety gear such as a HANS Device, full race suit, fire suppression system, and full cage.


Rain Policy:

The event will proceed rain or shine and will run based on the safety of conditions.

Refund Policy:

There will be NO REFUNDS issued.

Mechanical malfunctions or catastrophic failure will not allow for refunds either.

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