COMPETITORS: Update to the Competition Format!

COMPETITORS: Update to the Competition Format!

UPDATE to the competition structure! Our last event in Colorado we switched up the competition structure, and it was a HUGE success. So much that we’re bringing it to Indy! Instead of allowing a competitor to go out at 9 AM, make a single pass and win the trophy class with that single run, we now have Qualifying, Semi-finals and Finals races for our Trap Speed Competition. Each day is a new competition (Sat & Sun) and both days work the same way.

Class competitors will need to make a Qualifying pass between 9-12:30 PM. The top 4 competitors, based on trap speeds, will advance to the Semi-finals where they will need to make ANOTHER pass between 1-3 PM. Then the top 2 competitors will advance to the Finals race. The Finals race is a race between the top 2 competitors, whoever has the *top speed* in this race WINS their Class. This forces competitors to continue to compete throughout the day and really amps up the competition!

 Additional information can be found here under “Competition Format”:
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